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Steel the Show with Metal Art

By June 22, 2009May 28th, 2019No Comments

Home Décor gets bold and brassy with art made of steel, aluminum and copper

Vancouver Island, June 22, 2009 – Put the pedal to the metal when thinking unique artwork for your home, garden or office.

Metal art is a powerful and dramatic art form. Designs using steel, aluminum, copper and iron will lend themselves to almost any décor style and can be used at the focal point in a room. In a garden, metal art will weather and its patina will change with the seasons giving a garden interest and dimension.
Metal artwork, specifically that which comes from the whimsical and clever mind of Jack Willoughby of Anvil Island Design, is meant to engage the viewer, and most often, evoke a strong emotion or connection.
The strong emotion of love led Willoughby’s to his newest creation, The Tree of Love.

The Japanese Maple Tree is one of Willoughby’s most enduring pieces. An intricate lattice of metal created in a variety of finishes, the tree has proven popular with buyers and collectors from around the world.

Willoughby has taken the Japanese Maple Tree one romantic step further with his inspirational design called The Tree of Love. The Tree of Love may be customized with a heart, lovers’ initials and the wedding date (or anniversary date) of the special couple. It may be further personalized to either hang on the wall like a picture or sit on a table, bookshelf or in a cabinet. Measuring 16 ¾ inches high x 35 ¼ inches wide (42.5 cms high x 89.5 cms wide), the tree also comes in three finishes to suit any décor – polished steel, matte black and oxidized metal. Of course, Willoughby’s Japanese Maple Tree may also be purchased without any customization as it is a stunning piece of metal artwork in its own right.

The scope of Willoughby’s work ranges from massive metal sculptures to unusual items such as railings, wall sconces, tables and lamps. For one client he created 35 swallows in flight, each swallow uniquely crafted. The swallows now grace the exterior entrance of a multi-million dollar home.

To purchase The Tree of Love online please visit the website at:
More information on Anvil Island Design and Jack Willoughby or to have a look at some of his other works of metal art, please take a tour of the online gallery, also found on the website.