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Carve Your Love in Steel

By June 22, 2009May 28th, 2019No Comments
Tree of Love Wedding Gift

Tree of Love gives couples a way to ‘initialize’ their love in a work of metal art

Vancouver Island, June 22, 2009 – Carving a heart with the initials of two lovers into the trunk of a tree is a centuries’ old romantic tradition. The initials remain etched in the trunk, standing as a testament to love as enduring and strong as a tree.

Jack Willoughby, of Anvil Island Design in Nanaimo, BC, has taken the tradition one step further. He will carve a heart, initials and a special date into the base of one his most enduring works of metal art, the Japanese Maple Tree.

Called the Tree of Love, Willoughby will customize one of his metal trees with a heart, the initials and the wedding date (or anniversary date) of the special couple. The idea sprang from the need for a wedding gift in the summer of 2008. His well-loved Japanese Maple Tree was already gracing homes and offices around the world. The simple addition of a heart encircling the couple’s initials and their wedding date made the tree a distinctly personal and unique gift for the happy couple. It was the most-prized wedding gift received.

The Tree of Love may be further personalized to either hang on the wall like a picture or sit on a table, bookshelf or in a cabinet. Measuring 16 ¾ inches high x 35 ¼ inches wide (42.5 cms high x 89.5 cms wide), the tree also comes in three finishes to suit any décor – polished steel, matte black and oxidized metal. Of course, Willoughby’s Japanese Maple Tree may also be purchased without any customization as it is a stunning piece of metal artwork in its own right.

Willoughby’s metal art may be found in galleries and high-end home décor and garden stores throughout Canada and the US. He is well-known for his unique, humorous and whimsical designs using steel, aluminum, copper and iron. He is often commissioned to do one-of-kind metal art for clients all over the world.

The Tree of Love is not only a truly inimitable present as a wedding gift, it is also a very personal gift if a couple is celebrating an anniversary or milestone.

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