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Tree of Love – The Story

Anvil Island’s Japanese Maple Tree sculpture has been one of Jack Willoughby’s most sought-after and enduring metal sculptures since 2003.

Created initially as the center piece for a custom-gate design, Jack saw the potential for a stand-alone Japanese Maple Tree. He set about to add more detail to the original design, arriving at the multi-leaf design seen now. His Japanese Maple Tree now graces homes, spas, hotel lobbies, galleries and offices in many parts of the world.

Usually the focal point in a garden, the Japanese Maple is loved for its elegant, delicate foliage and bright vibrant fall colour. In legend and lore the tree is also thought to tie humanity to the soul of earth and create connectivity with man to nature. Often the central tree in a bonsai garden, the pruning and care of a bonsai Japanese Maple was said to inspire harmony and creativity and evoke a sense of tranquility and peace.

The Tree of Love is the next evolution in the life span of Anvil Island Design’s Japanese Maple Tree sculpture. The idea came when Jack and wife Barb had to ponder a gift for an upcoming wedding. It was one of those eureka moments remembering a similar romantic carving, done on a real tree, when they were much younger.

Lovers and partners, whether it is to celebrate a marriage, commemorate an anniversary or to mark a milestone in a relationship, may now custom carve their initials and their significant date into their own personalized Japanese Maple metal sculpture. Unique to them, carrying memories to last a lifetime, this original piece of metal art will grace a wall or sit in a place of honour in their homes.

For information on how to order this gift or personal treasure, please follow this link.