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Canadian customers can use the order form below. If you would like to ship the Tree of love to an international address, please use our international order form.

The Tree of Love is available in ONLY one size. It measures 16 ¾ inches high X 35 ¼ inches wide (42.5 cms high X 89.5 cms wide) and comes in 2 styles and three finishes.

1. Wall-mounted – meaning it will hang on the wall like a picture

2. Table-standing – meaning it will have a base so that it can sit on a table top, window sill, bookshelf, etc.

Please select your style:


Please select your finish:

SteelMatte BlackOxidized


It may be customized in a few ways. Select the one you prefer.

Depending on the style you prefer, enter your initials, first name and date

The date will appear as Month/Day/Year with an abbreviation on the month to three letters. Example: Mar. 11, 2008 or Feb. 14, 1998 or Sep. 22, 1975. We cannot do more letters, nor can we do it in numeric only.

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Please enter the two (2) sets of first names you've chosen INSTEAD of a heart and initials:


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Please enter your contact details and the address you would like the Tree of Love to be shipped to:

By providing us with a phone number, we can contact you if we have any questions about your order.

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