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[title size=”2″]How to Order the Tree of Love[/title]
The Tree of Love is available in ONLY one size.

It measures 16 ¾ inches high X 35 ¼ inches wide (42.5 cms high X 89.5 cms wide).

It comes in 2 styles

Wall-mounted – meaning it will hang on the wall like a picture
Table-standing – meaning it will have a base so that it can sit on a table top, window sill, bookshelf, etc.

It comes in 3 finishes





Matte Black

It may be customized with two sets of initials and one date. The date will appear as Month/Day/Year with an abbreviation on the month to three letters. Example: Mar. 11, 2009 or Feb. 14, 1998 or Sep. 22, 1975.


It may come with two sets of first names and/or without a date. For example, Amy + Paul, April 16 2002.

Once you place your order we will send you a confirmation email. This confirmation will also be included in your shipment.

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