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Tommy Hunter wrapped up his career this week

Tommy Hunter wrapped up his career this week in his hometown of London, Ontario,… playing at JLC arena. Mayor Joe Fontana presented Tommy with an Anvil Island Design maple tree from Gift of Art as a memento from the city. Tommy has been in show business in the Canadian and international scene for years […]

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The Maple Tree Goes to China

Joe Fontana, the mayor of London Ontario, presenting our maple tree to Ji Jianye, the mayor to Nanjing China.

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Jack Willoughby Featured in Anything Grows Newsletter

Jack Willoughby is an artist who has great style and a good sense of humour. Jack was born in Newport News, Virginia, spent part of his youth in California and now lives on Vancouver Island, where the ocean beaches give him much of his inspiration. His collection of trees; Japanese maple, Savannah Oak, Tree […]

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Anvil Island appears on A Channel News

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Objects of Desire: To ‘Steel’ Someone’s Heart

”Steel the Show with Metal Art” is a news-release headline certain to rob any editor of his or her judgment. The metal artist is Jack Willoughby of Anvil Island Design and the subject of the news release is his Tree of Love, below. A representation of a Japanese maple, Tree of Love measures 16 […]

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Steel the Show with Metal Art

Home Décor gets bold and brassy with art made of steel, aluminum and copper

Vancouver Island, June 22, 2009 – Put the pedal to the metal when thinking unique artwork for your home, garden or office.

Metal art is a powerful and dramatic art form. Designs using steel, aluminum, copper and iron will lend themselves to […]

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Carve Your Love in Steel

Tree of Love gives couples a way to ‘initialize’ their love in a work of metal art

Vancouver Island, June 22, 2009 – Carving a heart with the initials of two lovers into the trunk of a tree is a centuries’ old romantic tradition. The initials remain etched in the trunk, standing as a testament […]

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